How Online Slots Are Built to Make You Win and Lose

  • Friday, Jun 19, 2020

The world of gambling has been a fascination for many players over many centuries. The desire to win has pushed mankind to forever pursue techniques in how to beat games that seem unbeatable. Here we discuss the facts behind how such games are made to help you win and designed to make you lose.

Intro: The Online Slot Machine

The online slot is perhaps the most played game of any in the world of casino. You only need to look at the top 10 casinos sites found here to see that one average slots outnumber all other casino card games and table games 10 to 1. You have on average 200 to 1000 slot titles alone inside the most popular casinos online. So, is the most commonly played game one that is rigged?

How Online Slots Are Built

No matter the form of gambling there is a risk, even the most fair option which is sports betting comes with the danger of a team underperforming. There is no one clear way of making money inside a casino. The market is a business, you hand over your money to the top casinos online in which can be found if you click here. In return, the casino provides a service of fun and entertainment, with the possible opportunity to win real money as a side to the transaction made. Now, slots are not rigged to be 100% unbeatable, they are built, however, to present players with a fair opportunity to win.

The casinos online are regulated, so it comes down to the fairness bestowed upon the industry by these independent fractions and not the casino. So, the regularity of wins to losses is not down to the casino, but in part is down to those who supply them.

Software developers like Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Red Tiger, Playtech are those which make the games and provide them to the casino which offers a basic gaming platform and nothing more.

Slot machines are made with algorithms, coded programs that calculate the percentages of wins to losses two ways. There are slots built with an RTP algorithm and an RNG algorithm. These codes will determine when the payout will occur during a game. The RTP is the Return to Player, this works out the payout based on the money put into the game as a total. The RNG is the Random Number Generator, which calculates based on random sequences.

Tips to Beat the Slots

For RTP games, the trick is to play the newer and more popular games. If the RTP payout is based on the money placed into the machine, then the more popular a game is the higher the frequency and chances are of that game paying out over one which has been on the menu for a much longer date.

RNG slots are lower in the percentage of titles out there which helps given the odds of winning are based on random chance, so a bit like the lottery, the fewer players you have, the higher your chances are of winning.

One word of advice is to read the rules and details of the games. If you wish to qualify for the jackpot rounds, then you may have to play with the highest possible wagering amount for this to happen. Note: if algorithms can be influenced by how much you pay within the game, then it is designed to let you both win and lose.